We all need a little help sometimes, and doing your taxes solo is a daunting task. Let the Strong Foundation take the stress away by taking advantage of our free tax preparation services.

Our free tax preparation services are for those families within a lower income level. Otherwise there will be a small fee for services to people who don’t qualify and still choose to use these valuable services.

Click Here to Qualify

Strong Foundation is a place where you can build your skills. Gain the confidence and the knowledge to navigate your financial situation.Our office holds convenient hours to adhere to your busy schedule. We are ideally located in Louisville, KY to serve the greater area.

This service is ideal for those who run a small business or if you are filing for the first time. Did you know that certain home improvements or investments can be deducted or tax exempt? You may have already filed, but we can still help. Feel free to walk in or set up an appointment to learn what else you missed!

Tax time could be hectic, don’t feel rushed during this time. The trusted tax preparers here will help guide you through the process, and see things you missed. Let us take care of this with our knowledgeable staff and open environment. Feel free to ask questions and even discover rebate programs or tax deductions you weren’t aware of before.

Your first time filing jointly may arise questions an online form can’t answer. If you are the independent type, learn more about how to file early or get certain information that can lessen your load. It’s all at your fingertips via the web, but nothing beats the personal touch here at our Louisville office.

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