Whether you are a college student just starting your story or if you are a family looking to fix your finances, this is a perfect place for you to establish yourself.

Today is your fresh new start. We are here to offer free financial literacy classes for those who qualify. Click to apply.

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Many people struggle with what we call the basics. What to do about retirement? How to balance our finances? Where to even begin? From balancing a checkbook to what is a 401k, there is no reason to be behind. It is common for people from all walks of life to feel hesitant, or even intimidated, by money and how to manage it. Defining common terms can feel a bit embarrassing at first, but information is king. The key is to build your confidence and we help you do that through education.

If you are local to the Louisville, KY area, feel free to drop in or preregister.

Financial literacy starts with you, If you don’t take control of your own learning in this field, no one else will! There is a lot to learn about what is right for you. A comprehensive game plan starts with the Strong Foundation. You can experience thoughtful instruction without feeling intimidated to opt into other services. We are a pressure free environment where everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and learn about money management.

There are absolutely zero fees associated with these lessons if you qualify, and it is conveniently located. There is no reason to wait, begin your path back on the right track starting now. Join our free financial literacy classes today!

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